Sunday, October 20, 2013

FO: The Return of the Kilt

I promise my Fall for Cotton dress will be blogged about eventually. It's just taking longer than anticipated for me to acquire the pictures that were taken of it at Cool Cat Corner the other weekend.

But yeah, remember those plaid culottes that I made?

They've kind of become known as my "sports kilt". Well... Now there's a sequel.

Ok, some backstory first. Yesterday was a large quidditch tournament that my college hosted. People who are unfamiliar with how quidditch is played, frequently ask how the snitch works in real life quidditch. The snitch is an actual person who is a neutral player (they're actually a sort of referee) who has a tail attached to their shorts. The seekers try to catch the tail and the team that catches it gets 30 additional points and the game ends. This weekend was my first time snitching, so of course I needed to make an outfit for the occasion:

I'm holding the silly string I used on the seekers (that is totally a legal thing to do in the game) and the snitch tail.

Of course the only decent picture I get of my snitching skort has it hiked up in the middle. Of course. 

I made these once again from my trusty Megan Nielsen Tania culottes pattern and I used a ponte knit. I wish I could have found a cotton jersey in the right color, but alas I didn't get paid until this week so I didn't have time to order any and was forced to see what I could find at Hancock's. Because of the lack of stretch, I had to actually install a zipper (as the pattern instructs... and I had never done before). I did a lapped zipper because I hate invisible zippers. 

So while I didn't get many pictures of me in my snitching outfit (I'm going to eventually make a yellow shirt to go with this as well), another snitch borrowed my skort over the course of the day...

This is my friend Haroun. He couldn't find his snitch shorts and the others on hand didn't fit him. I told him, "Hey, I have a snitching skort you could try on if you want."

"A skort? Like a skirt?" he asked me.


"Hell yes."

And hilariously it fit him perfectly.  He snitched two games in it and started referring to it as a "snitching kilt" and it was very much a hit. 

So basically, that's how I made the sports kilt a thing. Here are some more pictures:

And here are some more of me in my actual quidditch uniform:

It was a good tournament. We had twelve teams playing, so it was one long-ass tournament, but I enjoyed it. We played five games, finished in sixth place, and I am consequently sore all over. I also snitched one game and was an assistant ref for two games.

A moment later that dude's bludger was mine. :D
I assistant reffed the final match and that was hella intense. I was a bludger ref, which meant I called when people got hit with a bludger and had to go tag back into the game. When the snitch came back to the field (the snitch and the seekers spend like the first 15 minutes or so of the game off the field), that's when things got crazy because it was bludger after bludger taking out the seekers. I nearly had a snitch squish me, nearly had players squish me, and nearly got hit by bludgers myself. 

Super intense face.

I'm still amused that me and another girl on the team dress almost identically in black skirts and the same hairstyle. We call ourselves the "Skirty Birds", as we're some of the rare players that play in skirts. I suppose we should make Haroun an honorary member. 


  1. I seriously need to find myself a quidditch team to play on... this sounds like a sport I could actually enjoy! The snitching kilt looks great (on both you and Haroun!), too.

  2. Fab post, made me smile, Thank You