Monday, July 1, 2013

FO: My Swimsuit

Behold, my swimsuit, the first one that I've ever made and the result of a couple of patterns combined and altered:

I really need to work on my dance face. One day I will have nice dance pictures without wacky facial expressions.
I made this a couple of weeks ago for a trip to the beach and wore it again to GVLX (a swing dance event) this past weekend. We had a slip 'n' slide at the cookout dance at the end on Sunday, which I did not participate in but did use as an excuse to wear my swimsuit and dance in as little clothes as possible (is was soooo fucking hot out). Consequently, all of my good pictures of this swimsuit are now dance pictures.

Anyway, so about my suit. The bottoms are Megan Nielsen's Tania culottes pattern altered for knits, and the top is from the Ohhh Lulu Ginger Bodysuit/Separates pattern. One of my main issues with swimsuits is that I have major thigh chafing problems, and by using culottes for the bottoms, that problem is solved. In the water at the beach, the bottoms floated up and made me feel like a princess swimming around, and while wet out of the water, they didn't cling too badly. Oh, and btw, I'm wearing the underwear-like swimsuit bottoms from my old swimsuit underneath the culottes. They still fit and I didn't have time to make underbottoms as well when I was initially working on the swimsuit. 

Underbottoms are totally necessary when making these culottes as a swimsuit because the legs totally flair up like a real circle skirt. Like so:

Sorry for the blurriness- taking dance pictures is harrrd.

Now where was I... Oh yes, alterations. The Tania pattern is intended for wovens, but I've now made it with knits twice. My first knit Tania venture made me discover that the waistband needed some alteration for stretchy fabric, as well as for my high waist to hip ratio. I created a dart in the back waistband to take out excess fabric (and I then cut the dart, effectively turning it into a seam), and I also took out the seam allowances on the side seams which took out even more excess fabric to account for the stretch.

Now for the top. Like I said, I used the XL bikini top version of the Ohhh Lulu Ginger pattern without any alteration other than the straps. I made tubes for the straps and threaded some super tough elastic through them, which gave me lots of support. Ohhh so much support. One of my major issues with store-bought swimsuits is that the only ones that would give me enough support are all fucking halter tops. When you're a G cup, halter tops are incredibly painful. Ugh. No such neck pain with this swimsuit top, though. I was able to even do super bouncy lindy hop in it with no wardrobe malfunctions or anything. Yay!

These culottes are really quite wonderful to dance in.


  1. oooh I love this, I hadn't considered that ohhh lulu pattern as suitable for a larger bust so its good to hear that it is actually supportive. Did you solve the problem of the culottes moving to the back of your legs?

  2. Looks fabulous :-) great pattern choices.

  3. I am so in love with everything about this! The fabric, the style, your whole look - it's so perfect!

  4. Oh, and I'm co-hosting a Show Off Your Skivvies challenge right now - I'd love for you to do a guest post about making your own swimsuit (or something else if you'd like?) - if you're interested or want more info before committing, email me at kmjones3@gmail. (Sorry for spamming this post btw!)

  5. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and read a few posts but forgot to bookmark it, and now i've re-found it thanks to the SOSB. Aside from your lovely makes, I am inspired by your swing dancing! When I go back to the states I am going to try and find a class. You look like you're having such an amazing time in all your photos. Thank you!