Monday, May 27, 2013

FO: Mint Maritime Shorts

Or aqua. Whatever the hell you want to call this color.

Behold, Grainline Studio's Maritime Shorts, rendered in leftover fabric from my Pavlova skirt (which I still need to blog about... -_-U) and a trenchcoat that is a current work in progress. I would have made these longer, but this was the most length I could eek out of the yard or so left I had of fabric. I have major chafing issues with my thighs, so this is pretty much as short as I can wear shorts without discomfort.

Why are my bangs lying funny? Argh.

The shirt is my Sassy Librarian Blouse from Christine Haynes's Craftsy class. These two garments together are essentially visual evidence of my acquired fitting skills. While I had to learn how to grade up patterns (I had to go up two sizes with this blouse!) and how to do an FBA, fitting these shorts was considerably less stressful. I did, however, have to take a good two inches out of the back of these. I had never realized how much of a difference there is between my waist and hip measurements, but there was some major gapeage before I took in the center back seam. Perhaps I should give Sewaholic patterns for my lower body a try. My bust is too big and my figure too hourglassy for me to bother with Tasia's tops and dresses, but I now have my eyes on those Thurlow Trousers. 

Anyway, sorry for these shorts being a little wrinkly in the pictures. Their made from cotton twill and they've been washed quite a bit now (I made them a couple of weeks ago) and wear them a lot, so that's life. Cotton wrinkles. *shrugs*


Can we talk about my crotch? Let's talk about my crotch. This was my first time sewing a fly zipper, and it turned out PERFECT. I ran up to the head costumer for my play after I finished these and was all XMZ: EXAMINE MY ZIPPER, and she literally told me it was perfect and did not believe that it was my first time sewing a fly zipper.

It's just so, SEW perfect... *sigh*

Ok, let's stop gazing longingly at my crotch so we can now stare at my butt.

Aren't those pockets so cute? I love them. 

And I think these shorts fit my rear end pretty well, if I do say so myself. Definitely oodles better that anything I could buy RTW. And look at how well these things fit my waist. Like I said, TWO INCHES I had to take in at the waist. I basically used the center back seam as a giant dart and then took the same amount out of the waistband before sewing it on.

A few more details: I used some cute striped cotton that I had in my scrap bin for the pockets.

And this is my new way of doing my tags (I used some scrap satin for this tag because I like the feel of it and how the purple looks with the mint):

After I tagged the shorts, I realized that my tag doesn't match my pockets, but whatever. My tag and pockets still look fab.

So that's that. I'm going to try to catch up on blogging all of my FOs that haven't gotten posts yet. It's just a matter of finding time to take good pictures of them, as well as someone to operate the camera.


  1. Really love those shorts they fit great! Your pockets are super cute too! x

  2. Love the shorts! They fit your really well and the colour is so cute!

  3. These are awesome shorts! Thanks for your review and details ;)