Saturday, December 22, 2012

CHEAP PANTS- updated!




"How cheap are we talking?" you're probably wondering.

TRY $1.50 A YARD

I had a very successful outing to Wal-mart, let's just say. I went intending to get more lace trim to finish a dress I'm being paid to make as well as to restock my black thread, and lo and behold I came upon these goodies:

Red rayon challis for $3.97 a yard. HELL YES. There was a gorgeous purple and a teal there too, but those will be purchases for another day, now that I know they are there. I've never sewn with challis before, but it's one of my favorite fabrics to wear. This yardage is destined to become a skirt, possibly something gored to ensure spinny-ness while conserving fabric. I kind of want to experiment with using the pocket insertion method from the Macaron dress with gored skirt seams. Hmm. We''ll see.

This 1 and a 1/3 yard remnant that I found is destined to become another Sassy Librarian Blouse (this time with sleeves and a red collar) to go with the skirt. A yard and a third of some originally $8.60 cotton for $4.80 is a steal in my book.

And then the prize of this trip, the fabric that I got for $1.50. First there's this pin stripe material:

And this blue material:

It's actually I nice, deep denim blue in real life, unlike in this crappy phone pic. 

I have no idea what kind of material it is, exactly, but they're both made out of it. They have the same kind of denimy, kind of woolly texture and were both marked mysteriously as "Value Assorted Material".

Ok, then. Very questionable, but verrrrryyyyyyyy cheap, and I like cheap. There's nothing like being able to say that your pants cost $4.50 to make. Well that's not entirely true- I'm thinking of snapping up the Sewaholic Thurlow trouser pattern with Christmas money. I'm not pear shaped (which is the body type Sewaholic caters to), but I am very hourglass shaped with a big ass to go with my big boobies. So while most of Sewaholic's tops are for me not worth getting (too much altering involved, no thank you), I'm very intrigued by the Thurlow pattern.  "Finally, a modern trouser pattern designed for curvy hips, fuller thighs and a narrow waist!" it says on the website- that totally sounds like me, so color me interested. I'm still very new to making pants, but I'm thinking between the sewalong posts Lauren did for this pattern and cheap, low risk fabric, it's worth a go. If the pants turn out to be shit, I'll only be out $4.50 for the fabric and will still have the pattern to try again with later.

As for the pinstripe fabric, it might become pants if the dark blue ones turn out well, but given my love of pin stripes, it might become a lined skirt or dress or maybe even a blazer. I kind of really want to make a blazer, and again, this is some really low-risk fabric we're talking about here, so I'm kind leaning toward the jacket. Heck, if both the pants and the jacket turn out great and they have more of the fabric at Wal-mart, I might just make some pinstripe pants so I'll have a suit-type outfit.

This super cheap fabric is a little rough, though, so I'm actually pre-washing it (I'm normally too lazy to do such things because of how rarely my clothes get machine washed and dried). We don't have any fabric softener in the house because my mom and I are having a bit of an itchy allergic reaction to the Downey we had been using, so it got thrown out earlier this week and we haven't gotten new softener yet. To compensate, I threw not one, but two Tide detergent pod thingies and a shit ton of softener sheets. Also a colorcatcher thing we have because that denim-colored fabric looks pretty damn blue. 

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the pre-wash is a success, but if it isn't, meh, I'll be out $9 for six yards of fabric. Boo hoo. 

UPDATE: The pre-wash turned out pretty well, but holey-moley was there a shit ton of lint!

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  1. I kind of love to shop clearance racks. I have been on a bit of a hot streak when it comes to Cheap Pants clearances.